Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Facility

Whether you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab or a program to treat compulsive disorders and related mental health issues, finding a rehab center is much easier than it was a few years ago. In the pre Internet era, all you had to rely on was the printed local phone book to find as many phone numbers as you can to call later.

Since the inception of modern Internet, websites have been the greatest tool to search and compare various facilities and the different services they offer., an addiction help line, has been available to those seeking help for addiction treatment by giving guidance and connecting individuals struggling with addiction with facilities that provide addiction treatment.

The ideal treatment facility will be one that provides comprehensive treatment based for particular addiction(s). The facility should offer detox services (if required), individual and group therapeutic sessions, family recovery programs, and some type of aftercare program. Any additional holistic and or alternative therapies such as yoga, chiropractic care, recreational activities and supportive therapies of the like are a huge plus. It is general believed that offering supportive holistic and alternative therapies promote total wellness and enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.

When seeking addiction treatment through different network options, the answers you get will guide you to choose the treatment facility that will best suit your needs.

Here are some useful questions to guide you through:

  1. What types of treatment programs and services are offered?
  2. Is there a treatment plan that treats your particular addiction? If so, through what means or methods?
  3. If detox is needed, is the treatment offered in-house or patients need to go to a different facility for detox and come back after the detox is completed.
  4. If detox is offered, what is the method of alleviating physical discomfort and cravings?
  5. Does the program include any nutritional component?
  6. Does the program teach life skills to support a sober life?
  7. Do the components of the treatment plan address the specific issue or issues that you are experiencing?
  8. Is the facility licensed, accredited and have the qualifying credentials?
  9. How long the rehab facility has been in business?